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SriLanta Resort and Spa

Experience beachfront Hotel tranquility on Lanta island. SriLanta Resort and Spa is the perfect escape from your day to day life with iconic rustic villas. Our Beach House and all our hillside rooms have been designed for comfort whilst respecting the environment. Sri Lanta was built around thousands of trees and tropical vegetation, thus causing the least disruption to the natural bush on the Island of resort SriLanta: Where nature, rather than luxury, awakens the senses.


SriLanta Resort and Spa has a small road that separates the restaurants and pools at the front, and the rustic hillside villas and Suite rooms at the back. We have Service Transfer from Saladan Pier and others destination. Please contact thru Book Transfer for arrangement.


Get benefits, service transfer and best rate guarantee when booking direct with SriLanta Resort and Spa. The best family beachfront resort & spa in Koh Lanta, Krabi!

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SriLanta offers guests many different options including day Snorkeling trips, Diving, Kayaking through mangroves and elephant trekking. Come and share an unforgettable Lanta adventure with your loved ones at SriLanta Resort and Spa.